The purpose of the Discipleship Coach is to prayerfully work with each CBS student help ensure the success of their spiritual transformation as they pursue a degree from the College of Biblical Studies.

Student meets with Discipleship Coach in order to:
• Explore calling and purpose in life
• Explain results of assessments
• Establish growth plans

Initial assessments administered at the start of each student’s CBS experience establish a baseline for growth. Concluding assessments administered upon graduation display growth and development. 
  • Sullivan Spiritual Life Inventory measures spiritual vitality.
  • Emotional Intelligence 2.0 Assessment measures emotional intelligence.
  • Biblical and Theological Rationale for Cultural Diversity Assessment measures cultural competence.
  • Team Ministry: Gifted to Serve Inventory measures spiritual giftedness.


An important facet of the discipleship journey for each student will be the presence of a mentor to help guide them through their CBS experience. Each incoming student will be assigned a carefully screened, qualified mentor to provide spiritual support for their first academic year at CBS.

The mentor is expected to minister to the student in four vital ways, utilizing the CARE model:

• Counsel: Help the student to gain perspective on various challenges by giving them wise counsel and biblical advice. Become a trusted friend to them.
• Accountability: Hold the student accountable in their walk with Christ, church involvement, and devotional life.
• Relationship: Engage in an authentic relationship with the student. Pray for the student.
• Encouragement: Encourage the student in their studies and pursuit of ministry goals. Encourage them to keep pressing on toward the finish line if obstacles and discouragement emerges.

Interested in mentoring a CBS student? Click here to learn more!

Small Groups
Spiritual Formation not only requires us to pay close attention to our identity in Christ, but also our place in Christ as a community. In order to experience intimate community in the biblical sense, we must learn to reveal ourselves to others. We need to honestly, freely, and thoughtfully tell our stories. Our modern culture makes it easy for people to live isolated and anonymous lives. Because we and others move frequently, we may feel it’s not worth the effort to be vulnerable in short-lived relationships. However, we desperately need to keep intentionally investing in significant relationships.

The CBS Small Group Curriculum is designed to help students create a community of trusted relationships. This will take place in groups of four-five students who will commit to studying the following topics (guidebook provided):

• Identity
• Community
• Integrity
• Ministry

Students are placed into small group communities when enrolling in MSSF 3313 Spiritual Formation 3 (year three of a four-year degree program). The group continues to meet for an additional semester, continuing as part of MSSF 4314 Spiritual Formation 4.