Major System Failure | College of Biblical Studies

Major System Failure

Utility Interruption Emergencies

All utility interruptions (gas, water, or electric) should be reported to facilities at 713.545.8543. If no answer or after hours, call security at 281.448.4900.

If necessary, the director of real estate operations will inform the president or a vice president concerning the nature of the emergency and the anticipated time of restoration of service, if known.

Under some circumstances, power interruptions may be anticipated. During the summer months when demand for electricity is high, the College may experience a planned interruption or rolling blackouts as required by the local utility company. Normally, the College will have advanced warning when this occurs.

If it becomes necessary to reduce energy consumption, the following will be instituted:

Condition Amber (Curtailed Load)

• Shut off all lights and equipment not essential for safe operations. Power down all equipment after each use and only turn on that which is needed to complete work. The cooling plant will be taken offline; but staff will endeavor to maintain fan operation to provide ventilation in the buildings.

Condition Red (Power Failure Imminent)

• Shut off all lighting (except for emergency lighting) and extinguish any open flames. Take measures to protect equipment. Voltage may fluctuate. Remember, air operated controls and domestic water pressure may be affected. The elevator may be taken out of service.

Power Blackout 

  • Set all switches to “OFF” position.
  • Report persons trapped in elevator to facilities.
  • If you are located in an area where there is no emergency lighting or it fails to come on, please move to a corridor located on an outside wall where there may be natural light from the windows. Wait in this area until you are given further instructions.
  • If you must evacuate your area, safeguard your valuables and lock your desk.
  • It is advisable to keep a small personal flashlight available to assist you in the remote chance of a blackout at night.

Telecommunications Systems Failure

  • If there has been a general power failure in the College, the phone system will not function.
  • Subject to possible building interference, cell phones and two-way radio systems will continue to function.
  • In the event of complete failure of the phone system, the director of real estate operations may use the CBS Watchman Alert System to apprise the president, vice presidents, and senior director of marketing & public relations of the situation and coordinate a response to the situation.