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Safe Environment - Indianapolis Campus

The College of Biblical Studies (CBS) is committed to the safety of our students and staff. Our priority is to create a campus environment in which people are safe from physical harm, and property is secure, in a manner that meets or exceeds federal, state, and local laws, as well as CBS policies that regulate these matters. It is the intent of CBS to provide a safe and secure environment for students, visitors, and others with whom we serve. Most of the specific threat procedures are listed on the General safety page. CBS rents space in the Pyramids. Therefore, we are subordinate to some of the emergency policies set forth by the building, which includes fire drill activity and other general safety procedures related to the building. 


The Pyramids employs Protection Plus  security service  for the security needs of the building. They are trained to face any threat, and employ many off-duty police officers who have extensive experience in security and are prepared for any situation that may arise. Protection Plus Security has protected clients in the central Indiana area since 1988. Protection Plus  and local police are the primary response agencies for all crimes and incidents on campus, including emergency assistance, investigating, and documenting incidents. Protection Plus utilizes Electronic surveillance to monitor the building and parking lots. 

CBS Watchman Alert System & AMG Alerts

The CBS Watchman Alert System  uses text, e-mail, and voice messages to alert CBS students and employees in the event of an emergency or urgent situation. Alert messages are sent to registered mobile phones, home phones, and e-mail addresses. CBS Watchman Alert System is fully supported by CBS. 

The Pyramids utilizes AMG Alerts as their emergency alert system that can be used to rapidly communicate with tenants, staff and students in case of emergency. Click on the attached link below and fill out the information requested. AMG Alerts is strictly a Pyramids supported system. You can select how you want to be contacted, either by telephone, text or email by clicking on the link below. 

AMG Alerts

Parking & Security Escort

Students should park in designated parking spaces listed on the diagram in red. 

Parking at the Pyramids

Students can call Protection Plus for an escort to their vehicles at 317-244-7569.  After hours, it will connect with a dispatcher.  Once on site, the guard will monitor the area and follow them to their cars in the patrol car. 

Crisis Management App

The Crisis Manager mobile application for the College of Biblical Studies (CBS) makes our emergency information more readily accessible. The average smartphone/tablet user has their mobile device close to them most of the time. During an emergency, it is often intuitive to pick up your mobile device. This customized app places CBS emergency information onto a single platform designed to help guide our staff and students through an emergency event. 

This free app provides preparedness/response procedures and emergency contacts behind easily identifiable icons that are categorized by the type of event or emergency situation. This app will provide the CBS family easy access to our Emergency Guide (tiles), which, once downloaded to the device, is not dependent on internet access.

Some of the features included in the app are; simple formatted instructions, intuitive graphics, direct dial emergency contacts (smartphones only), a flashlight tool for mobile devices that support it, an audio alarm to alert others of your location if you are in danger or trapped, and a space to input your personalized emergency information such as evacuation routes and meeting locations.

crisis manager app icon

Here are the official instructions for download:

  1. Go to your mobile Apps store,  search and download "schooldude crisismanager"
  2. Once downloaded, click “Open
  3. Select “OK” to receive “Crisis Manager Notifications
  4. Select “Continue without logging in
  5. Select “Client Plans
  6. Scroll down and select “College of Biblical Studies” 
  7. Select “CBS Crisis Management Plan - Indianapolis
  8. The Crisis Manager Apps should now appear on your phone.

crisis manager app pic

Give us feedback! We would like to know about your experience with the Crisis Management App. Contact us with any comments or questions by emailing us at or calling 832-252-4676.

Active Shooter Training and Drills

Training videos are offered on our website to be viewed anytime. CBS conducts scheduled drills to simulate an on-campus active shooter. These drills will not only prepare CBS staff and faculty, but will also allow the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) to familiarize themselves with the layout of our campus should they ever need to answer such a call. 


Useful Internal/External Emergency Local Numbers



Pyramids After Hours Emergency Number


Pyramids Management Office: Non-Emergency


Police & Fire Emergency        


Fire Department/Haz Mat: Non-Emergency    


Police Department :  Non-Emergency   


Medical Emergency       


St. Vincent Hospital: Non-Emergency


Poison Control Center     



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