Safe Environment
The College of Biblical Studies (CBS) is committed to the safety of our students and staff. Our priority is to create a campus environment in which people are safe from physical harm and property is secure, in a manner that meets or exceeds federal, state and local laws, as well as CBS policies that regulate these matters. It is the intent of CBS to provide a safe and secure environment for students, visitors, and others with whom we serve. Most of the specific threat procedures are listed on the Safe Environment page. CBS rents space from the Summit and therefore is subordinate to some of the emergency policies set forth by the building which includes fire drill activity and other general safety procedures related to the building. In the event of an emergency take the following steps:

– Call Fort Wayne’s emergency number – 911.
– Call the property management office at 260-446-3200 so they can assist EMS in the process.

In the event of a security threat the Fort Wayne Police Department (FWPD) should be notified immediately by calling 911. Local police are the primary response agency for all crimes and incidents on campus, including emergency assistance, investigating, and documenting incidents. 

CBS Watchman Alert System
The CBS Watchman Alert System uses text, e-mail, and voice messages to alert CBS students and employees in the event of an emergency or urgent situation. Alert messages are sent to registered mobile phones, home phones, and e-mail addresses. 

Active Shooter Training and Drills
Training videos are offered on our website to be viewed anytime. CBS conducts scheduled drills to simulate an on-campus active shooter. These drills will not only prepare CBS staff and faculty, but will also allow the Fort Wayne Police Department (FWPD) to familiarize themselves with the layout of the building should they ever need to answer such a call.

 Useful External Emergency Local Numbers



VIA Properties Maintenance, Management, and Security  

(260) 446-3200

Police & Fire Emergency        


Fire Department Administration    

(260) 427-1170

Indiana State Police – Administration     

(260) 432-8661

Police Department – Administration     

(260) 427-1222

Sheriff Emergency       


Sheriff’s Department – Administration     

(260) 449-7535

Medical Emergency       


Hazardous Chemical Spill/Biological Terrorism  

(800) 424-8802

Poison Information Center     

(800) 222-1222

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