Bomb Threats/Bomb | College of Biblical Studies

Bomb Threats/Bomb

Bomb threats may be received by telephone, e-mail, or letter. If a bomb threat is received, remain calm and try to obtain as much information as possible.

Notify 911 and be prepared to give as much information as possible.

The crisis management and emergency procedures will go into effect at this time. After you call 911, immediately call the Director of Real Estate Operations and then CBS campus security.

Implement the following procedures: 

  • If the threat was made in writing, do not handle the letter or note any more than necessary. 
  • Do not touch or move any unfamiliar objects and wait for police to arrive on the scene. 
  • The vice president of academic affairs and/or vice president of administration will make all decisions regarding cancellation of classes. 
  • Evacuation of the building is priority.
  • Cell phones, two-way radios, and pagers should be turned off at a minimum of 100 feet from the suspected bombsite.