Biblical and Theological Rationale for Cultural Diversity | College of Biblical Studies

Biblical and Theological Rationale for Cultural Diversity

The College of Biblical Studies maintains an unwavering commitment to see God glorified, the Gospel proclaimed, the Bible affirmed, and the church unified in an environment that welcomes ethnic and cultural diversity. As we seek to love God and our neighbors well and to make Christian disciples of all nations, the College prayerfully and actively pursues ethnic unity and reconciliation with humility, gentleness, patience, grace, biblical truth, and love. When the Lord created those who would bear His image (the imago dei), He created one human race comprised of two genders: male and female (Gen 1:26-27), and this the Lord deemed very good (Gen 1:31). While the term “race” is often used as a social construct to denote a person’s cultural background coupled with other physiological characteristics (such as skin color), the Bible consistently employs the term ethnos (Gr.  ἔθνος; cf. “ethnic” and “ethnicity”) to describe such distinctives. In the clearest terms, the College of Biblical Studies emphatically and unequivocally denounces all forms of ethnic supremacy, racism/racialization, ethnic division, and ethnic prejudice (i.e. what James 2:1-13 describes as personal favoritism, making distinctions, and partiality) because it portrays a false image of God’s Tri-unity, violates the two Great Commandments (Matt 22:36-40), and denigrates His good work of creation. The Christian cannot and must not be silent in the face of ethnic prejudice. The Gospel serves as the antidote for this evil. As ambassadors for Christ, we must represent Him faithfully as ministers of reconciliation and press toward godly unity and fellowship with brothers and sisters from all backgrounds.