Accelerated Degree Completion Program | College of Biblical Studies

Accelerated Degree Completion Program





Entering students must have 69 hours of approved college credits, from accredited institutions, 36 of which must be general education credits. CBS recognizes the learning distinctives of adult learners. In addition to transfer credits from other accredited institutions, incoming students can demonstrate competencies and earn credit through:

1. College-level Examination Program (CLEP)

2. Military Equivalencies

3. Advanced Placement (AP)

4. International Baccalaureate (IB)

5. Institutional Credit by Examination

6. Prior Learning Credits


The CBS Registrar Office will assist program candidates with course deficiencies in identifying and suggesting manageable courses of action or both on-site and at approved outside institutions of higher education for earning necessary credit hours to qualify for the entrance into the program and completion of their degree.