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Biblical and Theological Studies LibGuide from the Bible Core Section (BCS) of the Association of Christian Librarians (ACL). This guide is an on-going project of BCS and will introduce you to resources and research skills related to Biblical and Theological Studies. Includes Facts Checker Links on this page. The guide focuses on facilitating access to resources that are completely and freely available.


Biblical & Theological Studies: General Resources – Databases and Search Engines, Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha, Bible Background and History, Apologetics, Archaeology


Biblical & Theological Studies: New Testament – New Testament Commentaries, Dictionaries and Lexicons, New Testament Texts, Bible Translations, Images, Open Access Journals, Early Church and Patristics, Comparative Tools, Ancient World, Archaeology


Biblical & Theological Studies: Old Testament – Old Testament Text, Bible Translations, Web Resources, Dictionaries, Lexicons and Encyclopedias, Archaeology, Commentaries, Images, Open Access Journals, Ancient World, Ancient Near East, Comparative Tools, Open Access Journals