Dr. Israel Loken

Dr. Israel Loken photo

Chair, Bible and Theology Departments; Professor

  • B.S., Lancaster Bible College
  • Th.M. (Bible Exposition);
  • Ph.D., Dallas Theological Seminary (Bible Exposition)


I was born in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin to a strong Christian family. My father was the General Manager of a large Christian radio station (WWIB). I was led to Christ by my mother when I was five years old and baptized when I was nine. In 1978, my father was asked to start a Christian radio station in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We moved to Lancaster and that is where I spent my formative years. I went to Lancaster Christian School, graduating in 1986. I then went to Lancaster Bible College, graduating in 1990. Shortly after graduation, I started a college-age Bible study group in my home church. The thing just took off and many encouraged me in my teaching ability. However, it soon became apparent that if I was going to teach the Bible then I needed further education. I decided to go to Dallas Theological Seminary. Into my Bible study class one day walked a ravishing redhead named Kimberley and we soon fell in love. We were married on July 23, 1994 and immediately moved to Dallas.

Initially, I went to DTS to get the Th.M. degree. However, during my senior year several professors encouraged me to go into the doctoral program. I entered the program after graduating with my Th.M. in 1996. I worked my way through the program by teaching at Dallas Christian College and by serving as a Teaching Assistant for the Bible Exposition department at DTS. In 1999, the department gave me the opportunity to teach a course on my own and I have been a steady adjunct for them ever since (I usually teach one or two classes a semester for DTS at the various extensions and at the main campus).

In 2000, CBS asked me to move to Houston and help start their Bachelor’s degree program. I have been a full-time professor at CBS ever since. I am now the Department Chair for both Bible and Theology. After finishing my dissertation in 2001 I decided to write some commentaries. I started the Loken Exposition Commentary series and have published three volumes to date. I am also writing a series of introductions on the various segments of the Bible (i.e., Pentateuch, History, Poetry, Prophecy, etc.). My only real goals in life are to teach God’s Word on the College and Seminary level and write books that will help students learn the Bible. I am living my dream. My wife and I currently live in Tomball, Texas. We do not have any children but we have more than enough pets to make up for it!