Fire Safety

In the event of a fire, the alarm should be activated and evacuation of the building begun.  If possible, locate a fire extinguisher and extinguish the fire.  If unable, a 911 call should be made immediately.  Ensure the evacuation of the building has taken place.  CMEP will go into effect at this time.  


•Crawl low under the smoke to get to clean air areas. 

•Test the door before opening by kneeling or crouching at the door. 

•Reach up as high as you can and touch the door and knob with the back of your hand. 

•If the door is hot, use another escape route. 

•If the door is cool, open it cautiously and continue along your escape route. 

•Isolate fire by closing off doors if possible.

•Follow the evacuation route as outlined on the fire escape map located in each room of the building.

•If you are on a second floor, evacuate using stairwells. Do not use the elevators. 

•Follow directions from those in authority. 

•Stay calm.

•Once you are safe and the immediate emergency procedures have been followed, notify your vice president or the Director of Real Estate Operations. 


Fire Drill

CBS expects all employees to be prepared for a fire and have the ability to assist any student and visitors. The steps are listed below: 

1. Spring – One Drill  

     Fall – One Drill

     Summer - One Drill

2. All CBS employees will be notified at least two days in advance concerning actual date and times of Fire Drill through e-mail or verbal communication. The notification is sent to all CBS faculty, adjuncts and staff. 

3. When CBS employees receive the fire drill notification, inform others in your department to be sure that everyone is aware of the fire drill. 

4. Each class has a visible fire escape map. Take the exit that is assigned to your classroom, suite or department. 

5. All students and staff are advised to take anything of personal value during the fire drill. Doors must be closed and locked. 

6. Running is not permissible while exiting the building. 

7. Everyone should not be standing close to the building while waiting for clearance to re-enter the premises. Everyone should be stationed behind the cone(s) in the parking lot located by both the front and back door exits. 

8. All rooms are checked for clearance. 

9. The fire drill will last 5-8 minutes. Everyone will be permitted to enter the building once the alarm stops sounding. 

10. Special care and emphasis is on our students that are in wheel chairs or have other handicap needs. 

General Information