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Student Body Diversity - Fall 2015

Total Enrollment              423

Student-to-Faculty Ratio  11.5 to 1

Student Characteristics

Percent Female     48.5%

Percent Male         51.5%

Percent Full-Time  16%

Percent Part-Time 84%

Percent by Race/Ethnicity

Asian/Pacific Islander       1.65%

Black/African American    49.88%

Hispanic/Latino               28.13%

White/Anglo                   16.55%

Percent by Age

25 and Under 13.5%

26 and Over   86.5%

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Student Outcomes

  •  Graduation and Retention Rates
  •  Career Services for Graduates
  •  Job Placement Rates for Graduates*
  • *CBS makes no representation regarding the employability of its graduates nor does it offer placement services to students or alumni. The school maintains a “Career Services” web page to help the Christian community offer its employment opportunities to students and alumni and to offer suggestions to students on résumé preparation and job seeking tips. CBS does not track alumni employment, nor does it make any statistical representations related to alumni employment.
  •  Student Achievement Goals